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The Cent­ral Chief Pro­se­cu­ti­on Offi­ce of Investiga­ti­on is con­duc­ting an investiga­ti­on for the fel­ony of pas­sive bri­bery of pub­lic offi­ci­als and other cri­mi­nal offen­ces.

On 20 April 2022, the Cent­ral Chief Pro­se­cu­ti­on Offi­ce of Investiga­ti­on car­ried out coor­di­na­ted pro­ce­dural acts in seve­ral loca­tions at the same time. Nearly 150 pro­se­cu­tors and poli­ce offi­cers took part in the cri­mi­nal acti­on orga­ni­sed by the Pro­se­cu­ti­on Ser­vi­ce, with the invol­ve­ment of the Buda­pest Regi­o­nal Pro­se­cu­ti­on Offi­ce of Investiga­ti­on, the Investiga­tive Pro­se­cu­ti­on Offi­ce of the Cap­ital, the Nati­o­nal Pro­tec­tive Ser­vi­ce and seve­ral units of the Riot Poli­ce.

Accord­ing to the rea­son­ab­le sus­pi­cions, the per­pet­ra­tors com­mit­ted cor­rupt­ion offen­ces thro­ugh bri­bery in con­nec­ti­on with ten­ders, issu­ed wit­hin the fra­me­work of the Eco­no­mic Deve­lop­ment and Inno­va­ti­on Ope­ra­ti­o­nal Prog­ramme and jointly finan­ced by the Hun­ga­ri­an state bud­get and EU funds. The total value of the sup­port app­li­ed for is about ten bil­li­on Hun­ga­ri­an Forints.

The Cent­ral Chief Pro­se­cu­ti­on Offi­ce of Investiga­ti­on con­duc­ted sear­ches of more than twenty five loca­tions, where sei­zu­re and fre­e­zing were car­ried out to secu­re proper­ti­es of high value. In the cour­se of the ment­ion­ed pro­ce­dural acts, pro­se­cu­tors sei­zed cash from pub­lic offi­ci­als valu­ing more than two hund­red mil­li­on Hun­ga­ri­an Forints, secu­ri­ti­es worth of close to sixty mil­li­on Hun­ga­ri­an Forints and a car – purc­has­ed for cash – worth of forty mil­li­on Hun­ga­ri­an Forints, and they also orde­red the fre­e­zing of seve­ral real proper­ti­es.

The Cent­ral Chief Pro­se­cu­ti­on Offi­ce of Investiga­ti­on ini­tia­ted cri­mi­nal pro­ce­du­re app­lic­ab­le aga­inst legal per­sons with regard to ele­ven busi­ness orga­ni­za­tions.

The Pro­se­cu­ti­on Ser­vi­ce inter­ro­gat­ed eigh­teen per­sons as suspects, orde­red seven suspects to be taken into cus­tody and ini­tia­tes that six of them sho­uld be arres­ted. The investigat­ing judge of the Buda Cent­ral Dis­t­rict Court will deci­de on the coer­cive mea­sures tomor­row.

To ensure the succ­ess of the cri­mi­nal pro­ce­du­re, pre­sently no other infor­ma­ti­on can be given about the case.

The pho­tos were taken in the cour­se of the cri­mi­nal acti­on about the large amount of cash found in a safe.