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The National Institute of Criminology

The Nati­o­nal Ins­ti­tu­te of Cri­mi­no­logy is Cent­ral Europe’s major cri­mi­no­log­i­cal rese­arch ins­ti­tu­te.

Lawyers, his­to­ri­ans, soci­o­lo­gists, and psy­cho­lo­gists work in the ins­ti­tu­te to add­ress the soci­al cha­rac­te­r­is­tics of crime, cri­mi­nals and vic­tims, and to rese­arch the cause, moti­ves and natu­re of cri­mi­nal offen­ses.

The task of the rese­ar­chers is to draw ove­rall conc­lu­sions for the whole soci­ety by analy­sing the trends in crime.

Cri­mi­no­logy uses the tools of seve­ral sci­en­ti­fic dis­cip­li­nes. Its mis­si­on is to help the fight aga­inst crime.

The Ins­ti­tu­te is part of the struc­tu­re of the Pro­se­cu­ti­on Ser­vi­ce of Hun­gary. Howe­ver, as the col­le­agues of the Ins­ti­tu­te only do sci­en­ti­fic work, their rese­ar­ches run inde­pen­dently from the pro­se­cu­to­ri­al work of the Pro­se­cu­ti­on Ser­vi­ce. The ope­ra­ti­on of the Ins­ti­tu­te is defi­ned only by the rules of the aca­de­mic life.

The topics of their rese­ar­ches cover a wide range from dom­es­tic vio­len­ce to tech­no­log­i­cal moder­ni­za­ti­on or art for­gery. The Institute’s aim is to pro­cess a great vari­ety of topics rela­ted to the cri­mi­nal law field.

The results of their work are sha­red with the pub­lic via books, artic­les, sci­en­ti­fic essays, con­fe­ren­ces, train­ings and pre­s­en­ta­tions.

It is one of the impe­ra­ti­ves of the Ins­ti­tu­te to raise the aware­ness of the pub­lic, thus, the col­le­agues of the Ins­ti­tu­te gladly give inter­views if aut­hen­tic and science-based infor­ma­ti­on is nee­ded.

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Országos Kriminológiai Intézet