Home » News » Meeting between David Pressman, Ambassador of the United States of America to Hungary and Prosecutor General Péter Polt

Dr. Péter Polt rece­i­ved Mr. David Press­man, the Ambas­sa­dor of the Uni­ted Sta­tes of Ame­ri­ca to Hun­gary, for an int­ro­duc­to­ry visit in his Offi­ce.

Ambas­sa­dor David Press­man has been per­form­ing his dut­i­es in our count­ry since August 2022, and this was the first offi­ci­al mee­ting bet­ween the two par­ti­es.

During the mee­ting, the Pro­se­cu­tor Gene­ral pre­sen­ted the role, com­pe­ten­ces and cons­ti­tu­ti­o­nal sta­tus of the Pro­se­cu­ti­on Ser­vi­ce in the Hun­ga­ri­an legal sys­tem. He emp­has­i­zed the anti-corruption acti­vi­ti­es of the Pro­se­cu­ti­on Ser­vi­ce and, in that con­text, he expla­ined about the ins­ti­tu­ti­on of the “supp­le­men­tary pri­vate pro­se­cu­ti­on", which is a new tool for acti­on aga­inst cor­rupt­ion. The Pro­se­cu­tor Gene­ral emp­has­i­zed the impor­tance of coope­ra­ti­on with vari­o­us EU and inter­na­ti­o­nal orga­ni­za­tions and high­ligh­ted the excel­lent, decades-long part­ner­s­hip with the Inter­na­ti­o­nal Law Enfor­ce­ment Aca­demy (ILEA).

Ambas­sa­dor Press­man was inter­es­ted to learn more about some legal and prac­ti­cal issues regard­ing pro­se­cu­tors’ acti­vi­ti­es, the new tools to fight cor­rupt­ion, as well as about the rela­ti­onship bet­ween the Pro­se­cu­ti­on Ser­vi­ce of Hun­gary and the Euro­pe­an Pub­lic Prosecutor’s Offi­ce. The two par­ti­es agreed that furt­her deepe­ning the excel­lent wor­king rela­ti­onship bet­ween the Pro­se­cu­ti­on Ser­vi­ce of Hun­gary and the US Attorney's Offi­ce ser­ves the inte­rest of the effec­ti­ve­ness of cri­mi­nal pro­ce­e­dings.

At the end of the mee­ting, the par­ti­es exp­res­sed their int­ent­ion to furt­her strengt­hen their coope­ra­ti­on.